Music has always been a means of self-expression. But nowadays the music industry has specific requirements for the artists. Now we have a huge range of genres and styles, so that every musician aims to become the author of a new musical direction, he tries to create a fresh unique sound that is able to convey emotions and mood in a new way. Rumbero's is the music with a hot heart and real feelings.

The frontman of the band Rumbero's is Amador Lopez, Latino, famous choreographer, showman, head of the jury grand TV projects. That’s why it is not a surprise to hear Latin rhythms in Rumbero’s music. Besides, the activity of the band contributes to the promotion of Latin American music and dance culture in Ukraine.

Band plays in a reggaeton style - a style of music and dance that combines reggae, techno, hip-hop, rap, Latin music, with the help of bits and heavy bass. We should mention that Rumbero's is the only band in the country, which sings in this style. In addition, they are the first to combine two cultures: Ukrainian and Latin American.

Hot Venezuelan macho Amador Lopez, an extraordinary and charming lead singer Oleg Serafin and rousing show ballet make the creative rod of Rumbero’s. All of them create the unique music organism, where music is a heart, and a continuous rhythm of the dance, they live in, is its soul.

The repertoire of the group contains the concert program, in which each song is a unique story, fiery rhythms, a terrific show with singing, dancing and colorful costumes.

Group members

Frontman of the band Rumbero’s, famous choreographer, showman, singer. He was the head of the jury in famous TV shows “Dancing with the Stars”, “Dance for you”, the silver winner of great dance show “Maidance - 2”.

Venezuelan by birth, Ukrainian – in heart. He started his career with a sword in his hand, as a result he received the title of Master of Sports in Fencing. However, the interest for dancing and his passionate Latin-American blood played his role: Amador created a show-ballet Rumbero's, soon - the vocal group with the same name.

Strict but fair leader. His gaze pierces through, his smile can melt the most icy heart. Smart, charismatic, charming.

Lead singer of the band and dancer of the show ballet Rumbero's, choreographer, dance instructor, author of lyrics and music.

Since childhood he dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but when the music appeared in his life, he decided to give preference to the scene, not the cosmos. Oleg torn between the ballroom and vocal studio, but he managed to combine them into a single profession. A skilled musician (musical school, piano class).

He took part in the filming and dance productions in famous TV projects such as "Dancing with the Stars," "Dance for you" (1 + 1), “Guten morgen”, “Pop conveyor" (M1), "Mriї zdіysnyuyutsya" (New Channel). Oleg also was an assistant choreographer of Kharkov dance team in show "Maidance-2."

Demanding to himself and others. Honest, responsible and fair. Oleg has a wonderful sense of humor, which helps to keep the team "in good shape" 24 hours a day.